The Rue Gourmande, or the Empire ‘Gastrauthentique' Xiradakis

The Rue Gourmande, or the Empire ‘Gastrauthentique' Xiradakis

It is impossible to skip lunch or dinner if you find yourself on ‘Gourmand Street', a Bordeaux landmark.

In the heart of historical Bordeaux, between the Saint-Michel and Sainte-Croix quarters, Jean-Pierre Xiradakis, the talented entrepreneur of La Tupina, one of Bordeaux's most famous bistros (open since 1968), has developed a number of businesses around cuisine, re-modelling an artery into a gourmet street.

There is a bistro, a café terrace, a Greek restaurant in the pure Mediterranean tradition of the Cretan (Mediterranean) diet, a cellar wine-bar for discovering the wonders of the region, a grocery store to take away canned goods and delicacies of yesteryear, and even a bed and breakfast. So there's everything you need on this ‘concept-street' for indulging in the best of the seven deadly sins.

La Rue Gourmande
Rue Porte de la Monnaie
33800 Bordeaux

+33 (0)5 56 91 56 37

Menu: around 45 EUR