The Agriculture Museum: the lotus park

The Agriculture Museum: the lotus park

Off the tourist circuits, in a garden with rare species, some of which dating back to antiquity, this museum recounts the invention of agriculture and its modernisation.

We recently met a curator at the British Museum who likes to go to Cairo's Agriculture Museum.

Little known, hardly visited, this museum houses a rare collection of flora and fauna, plus an incredible number of stuffed animals and cereal seeds dating back to 2500 BC. What treasures! Opened in1938, it was the first museum in the world devoted to agriculture. This helps you to imagine how important agriculture stood, and still stands, in the economy. From room to room, you relive everyday life in ancient Egypt, which fascinates children, and learn how cotton cultivation made Egypt wealthy. If you've already visited Old Cairo, you will notice that the potters of Fustat still shape the clay as their ancestors did.

The museum has not changed since the 1950s. It has at once a quaint and romantic charm. One of the floors is dedicated to 19th-century painting, and in the garden you can admire the lotus flowers, geraniums, and rosemary varieties, which date back to Nefertiti.

Agriculture Museum
Wezaret el Zeraa Street

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