San Anselmo - Rome's Romeo and Juliet

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San Anselmo - Rome's Romeo and Juliet

It's a little bit ‘kitsch' but nice, and nestled at the top of a small Roman hill.

Rather than stay in an international chain hotel, devoid of charm and impersonally decorated, live like a 16th-century marquis. This beautiful private house with ochre facade was turned into a hotel in 1960. It is the perfect setting for this baroque adventure. Canopy beds, headboards with arabesques, taffeta and other luxurious fabrics, small balconies, marble bathrooms and tubs that look out into the moonlight are all here. You will also like the names of the rooms, even if they are a little tongue-in-cheek: ‘A Thousand Kisses', ‘Madly, Passionately' and ‘House of Poems'. And to conclude this romantic getaway, revel in a breakfast served in the flower garden. Your Juliette will be delighted.

San Anselmo
Via di Sant'Anselmo, 2
00153 Rome

+39 06 570057

Rooms: from 70 EUR