Pyramids of Giza: one of the seven wonders

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Pyramids of Giza: one of the seven wonders

On a clear day you can see them from the town. Built in the desert, now at the gates of the megalopolis, they are the absolute and universal symbol of the pharaonic empire.

The three pyramids of Giza are Khafra, Menkaure, and Cheops, not forgetting the immutable Sphinx, which seems to watch over and protect them. Built from 2750 BC, they are truly impressive when you're at their feet. Allow between half an hour and an hour's drive from downtown Cairo to reach the Giza Plateau.

In general, they are open to visitors in turn, and at certain times. Inform yourself before you go and above all, book one of the guides, who are always interesting even when not keen Egyptologists and will explain, among other things, that archaeologists have not yet pierced the mysteries of the pyramids.

A new Franco-Egyptian study mission has just begun, without touching the buildings,using aerospace technologies such as thermal infrared cameras, drones, and laser scanners.The researchers are trying to discover the secret of their design. The mathematics and architectural principles that served to build them,however, remain a riddle… like that of the Sphinx.