Place du Palais & Porte Cailhau: the best entry

Place du Palais & Porte Cailhau: the best entry

In the Middle Ages, the residence of the dukes of Aquitaine was the ‘Palace Ombrière', renamed ‘Place du Palais' in the 18th century.

It is a small quiet spot, hidden in the shade of the 35 metres high Porte Cailhau; beautiful and slender as a young bride, despite its great age, its silhouette has hardly changed since 1494.

The Porte Cailhau commemorates the victory of Fornovo in Italy by King Charles VIII of France, whose image adorns a niche on the riverside; a sign informs the visitor in a rush, to pay attention to the lintel, recalling that a too-low door can be fatal.

After several changes and renovations, the square, with its many café terraces, was definitively made pedestrian in 2009. A magnificent panorama now opens onto the dean of Bordeaux bridges: the Pont de Pierre (Stone Bridge).

Place du Palais & Porte Cailhau
33000 Bordeaux